• Dear golfer,

    Welcome at the module Anxiety of the Mental Toughness Program. Anxiety during a round of golf can have a huge negative influence on your performance and eventually also on your score. Learn in this module how to cope better with anxiety and play with more fun.

    There is no specific order in which to do the modules. You can work on them one by one or simultaneously, or you can start where you think you can make the most progress. All modules are set up similarly. It should all explain itself we believe.

    Some chapters have backgrounds and/or next level exercises. It should all explain itself we believe. Now go. Start working on your Mental Toughness. Let us know how you are doing and never forget to enjoy the process. I can guarantee you that after this module, you will:

    # have more fun!
    # deal better with tough situations on the course!
    # have more confidence
    # finish your rounds more often with better results

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

    Team mental toughness golf