• The Mental Toughness Program

    Improve your mental skills and lower your handicap with this unique golf training program

    The Mental Toughness Program helps you play your best golf ever

    Jim van Heuven van Staereling – Director of Training PGA Holland:
    “The Mental Toughness Program’ helps you with one of the most important aspects of the sport of golf.”

    Are you a golfer who structurally wants to improve your golf game? Want to make your lowest ever scores consistently within weeks and still play with the same swing? People who have followed the Mental Toughness Program were able to concentrate better, developed more self confidence, were more relaxed, had less anxiety and worry and were able to visualize the shots better on the course. We want you to get these results too.

    How does it work?

    1. The assessment is a baseline measurement. You get a result that provides insight into your status of the 7 components of the mental part of golf.

    Mental performance

    2. Through 7 modules you will develop in all areas of the mental game of golf. Each module contains unique exercises to help you improve your game.

    Mental part of golf

    3. Including video content, tests, podcast and exercises! Our members are the only ones who can access our very best content.

    Training program Golf

    A Professional Online Mental Toughness Program!

    You can use the program on the range, on the course or at home by listening to podcasts, watching video’s, reading theory or fill in an assessment. Making real improvements to your game has never been easier! Below are the 7 modules in the program that will ensure you get the ultimate mindset.


    Mental part of Golf

    1. Concentration

    Thinkbox / Playbox
    Cycles of Concentration
    Pre-put routine

    Mental skills Golf

    2. Imagery

    Psychological Skill reminders
    Positive Imagery
    Mental Imagery for Tournament
    Mentally Rehearsel Plan

    Mental skills

    3. Confidence

    Changing Self-talk
    Positive Thinking
    Psychological Strategies

    Golf mental game

    4. Mental preparation

    Personal Action Plan
    Countdown to Competition
    Game Plan

    Mental Golf

    5. Motivation

    Goal Setting
    Professional Attitude Test
    Course Exercises
    Developing a Plan

    Golf Handicap

    6. Anxiety & Worry

    Rest & Recovery
    Ideal Performance State
    Critical Situation Plan
    Refocusing Plan

    Better golf

    7. Relaxation

    Relaxation Exercises
    Self-Hypnosis Script
    Stress / Response Curve
    Mental Rehearsal Practices


    €89,- / year

    • Structured program with exercises proven to be effective at the very highest level in golf
    • Suited for golfers of all levels
    • Assessment as zero measurement
    • Exclusive Access to All Video’s in every module
    • Individualized Testing at the start of each module
    • Background information on the part of the particular module
    • An Olympic program translated to golf
    • Exercises for on the range
    • Exercises for on the course
    • Exercises for at home
    • The license automatically expires after one year

    Affiliate Program

    As a Golf Professional, work with your students on their mental toughness with this unique program, while also receiving a nice amount of money per referral

    • With our affiliate program, you will earn €20,- per person who signs up with your discount code
    • Your referrals will get a €10,- discount
    • Includes clear dashboard with insight into your commission receivable and complete reports
    • Enhance the development of the mental part of your students on the golf course by an online program
    • Read our short programme whitepaper for affiliates
    • Accepted affiliate can register for a lifetime membership for a reduced fee

    We already helped a lot of golfers:

    Aydan Verdonk –
    hcp plus 2.3

    Thanks to the components of the mental toughness program of Ivar van der Moolen, I started to train qualitatively. In addition, my personal routine has been perfected so that my concentration is optimal during the round.

    Don Wedman-
    hcp 2.6

      Stuck around hcp 4.5, swing technically it was pretty good but still wanted to take a step forward. Together with Ivar and the Mental Toughness Program I started working on the mental part of the golf game. How do you deal with competition tension, what is your preshot routine. How do you deal with disappointments? With this baggage I went to hcp 2.6.

    Daisy –
    hcp 34

    With his program, Ivar knows how to explain to you in a brilliantly fun confrontational and effective way how to make yourself mentally stronger in golf. And that has resulted in a drop in my handicap from 48 to now 34. Because of Ivar, I love and have incredible fun playing golf. Thanks!

    Karin Eizema –
    hcp 3.6

    He helped me tremendously to become a good golfer. On a technical level, but especially on a mental level, he taught me a lot according to the mental toughness program he uses. We met in 2014 and within a year my handicap went down from handicap 8 to 3.6.

    Peter van der Meij-
    hcp 25.6

    Mental toughness has become an important theme for me. Learning from mistakes with your head held high, shutting down and not getting stuck in them. Going to the next stroke with optimism and confidence, knowing that this can be a successful attempt. This whole thing motivates me to enjoy getting better, which has led to a nice reduction in my handicap. The love for the game of golf has only increased!

    Liesbeth –
    hcp 13

    Lessons from Ivar and his Mental Toughness Program means peace and confidence for me. In my game but especially in my head. A single instruction from him is enough to make the balls fly again.

    Ivar van der Moolen, PGA golf pro and mental performance coach

    Hi my name is Ivar van der Moolen and welcome to the Mental Toughness Program. My passion is to give golfers of all levels the possibility to reach their full potential on the course. In the beginning of my career as a PGA Golfprofessional I have seen great swings making bad scores and also the opposite, very unorthodox swings bringing in very good results. That’s where my interest in enhancing the mental part of a golfer started. What happens in the mind during a round of golf? How can you practice that? Would you play the 18 holes with more fun and get better results if you have a good mindset? These questions made me go to many educations, watch lot’s of good players analyzing how they reacted, what they were doing in between their shots, read many books and did go to Doctor Pierre Beauchamp (Canada) to learn how to improve the mental side of golfers at the highest level. He developed  a mental toughness program for performance enhancement in golf. This program is used in other sports on the highest level and has been translated to golf. Because this program has been tested at the highest level in other sports I’ve seen some amazing results over the years on the golf course. Do you also want to achieve such great results and take your golf game to the top? Join our online platform now!

    Mental Toughnes Program Golf

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